Expedited Shipping

Moving Loads in cars, Box Trucks and Cargo Vans

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Moving loads in cars, straight and box trucks, vans and sprinters

At AMCO, we offer a range of expedited delivery services to help businesses get their shipments where they need to go quickly and efficiently

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Expedited Shipping

When you need time-sensitive delivery services and shipments to arrive at a specific time

Long-Distance Delivery

Whether you need a one-time delivery or recurring shipments, we also offer long-distance delivery to destinations outside of the state.

Overnight Delivery

You can use overnight and midnight delivery services when you need to make a delivery outside of normal business hours.

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How does it work?

Getting your shipment delivered is easy with us.

  1. Call us and choose your delivery service, either long-distance delivery or a local delivery.
  2. Our Team will determine the best route and schedule a driver for pickup at the designated location
  3. The driver will arrive at the pickup location ASAP and load the vehicle, then proceed to the destination.
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Our Hot Shot drivers are professional and dependable

At AMCO Delivery, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and reliability of our network of drivers. All of our contracted drivers are licensed, insured, and they undergo comprehensive training and vetting to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle a wide range of deliveries.

Each year, we retrain our staff to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest industry standards and techniques, including:

  • Pathogen and diagnostic specimen transportation
  • HIPAA awareness and protection
  • Special handling techniques
  • Technology updates
  • Customer service best practices
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Long-distance delivery

Our dedicated delivery service can deliver anywhere in the state

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Common Questions

Expedited shipping means a delivery option that provides a faster alternative to standard delivery, offering options like express, two-day, or next-day services. Although it involves higher costs, it ensures faster delivery and often comes with delivery-rate guarantees. The key distinctions between expedited and standard shipping lie in speed and cost.

The speed depends on the time you request the service and the company's operating hours. But it usually is 2 business days, or some companies can offer Next Day Delivery or even same-day delivery of your shipment.

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